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Brian West has been a part of the investigative environment for over 30 years. While serving in U.S. Army Aviation, Brian participated in joint operations with other federal authorities providing documentation and surveillance work.

After serving his country, Brian earned his BS degree in Radio, Television, and Film from The University of Texas at Austin and began a career as a camera specialist. While shooting programs he was also able to provide camera support services for legal and surveillance teams. Later he combined his pilot and dive industry training with camera work and provided submersible and aerial camera services.  

Brian is:

  •  Certified Private Pilot
  •  Certified Commercial Drone Pilot
  •  Certified SSI Openwater diver
  •  Certified SSI advanced Openwater diver
  •  Certified PADI Rescue diver
  •  Certified PADI DiveMaster 25+ years experience
  •  Member of Texas Association of Licensed  Investigators
  •  Certified with the Supreme Court of Texas
  •  Certified Private Investigation Graduate- PDI ​    University of North Texas
Selecting a professional investigator is a smart decision when needing help answering the tough questions life can throw at you.

At Summit, our mission is to help you in a friendly, courteous, professional, and discreet manner. 

We are a general civil/criminal practice serving the good people of East Texas and beyond. 

Specialty dive oriented investigations are offered statewide as well as the Caribbean and other dive locations outside CONUS. 

FAA certified Commercial UAV(drone) services include damage assesment, accident sites, rescue and search support, law enforcement support, Pilot in Command services, and many more aerial imaging tasks throughout Texas and CONUS. 

Drone camera footage